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Move away from People-Intensive operations to a more cost-effective building management business. Explore our low-cost, cloud-based, and customisable. Manned and unmanned block management software, which integrates building management app and residents app providing tenancy management facilities.

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Save time with our intelligent building management system that allows you to track incoming packages by using an intelligent scanning system that makes this daily activity a breeze. It an efficient modular solution that requires minimum human intervention ensuring 80% faster turn-around time with 100% satisfaction.

Integration with 3rd party hardware supports adopting the solution into the existing ecosystem, making it an ideal packaging handling solution for manned or unmanned buildings..


Enhance the living experience of residents of your building. Our dedicated Residents App provides an intuitive and easy-to-use interface to residents, enriching their day-to-day interactions and activities with the building administrators.

Our free and easy-to-use cloud-based tenancy management system is available to all the building residents. The system provides vital features, including tenancy management, tenant-landlord communication, landlord responsibilities, and much more, at their fingertips and helps owners save money while managing their properties efficiently!

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Identify, control, and customise your buildings’ parking requirements to sit back and reap the advanced parking management system's benefits. Get a real-time parking map showing you the occupancy status. Residents can check the availability and book parking spaces for personal use or leverage the visitor parking management software right through Residents App on their mobiles.


Transform into a strategic, innovative, and intelligent building management business with our cost-effective solution. It helps in reducing the hassles associated with day-to-day building management and administrative tasks.

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Inventory management

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More Features

Tailor the Platform to Suit Your Specific Building Management Needs

  • Keys/Fobs Management

    Control Aceess to Your Building

  • Complaint System

    Comply with Building Regulatory Authority Norms

  • Inventory Management

    Practice Warehouse Customisations and Scalability

  • Facility Management

    Book Amenities, Raise Complains, and Request Services

  • Third-Party Integrations

    Leverage API-Integration for Continuous Innovation

  • Billing and Payments Gateways

    Recharge Electricity and Pay Maintenance Bills Seamlessly

  • Data Management

    Build a Repository of Documents and Create a DBMS

  • Notifications System

    Access Notifications Centre and Emergency Counters

  • Employee Management

    Track Attendance and Performance of the Workforce

  • Utilities Management

    Identify Energy Requirements and Align Proper Distribution