Lean on KeLive for a Smart Building Management System

“Harnessing disruptive technologies, including analytics, automation, and API, KeLive is designed to offer a customisable, consolidated building management system that automates end-to-end functionalities and prise open the door to continuous innovation.”

Technologies deem to augment the occupancy comfort for digital-age building residents. However, it’s not the only reason real estate agencies and building management companies plan to deploy smart building management systems. Besides delivering superior resident management services and creating a safe living environment, optimising costs and increasing revenue are among the other topmost reasons that drive the demand for intelligent property management solutions across the geographies.

KeLive is one such building management system that is modular, customisable, and affordable. It helps you monitor, control, and signal end-to-end building management tasks and functionalities through a unified platform. Offering complete agility and scalability, KeLive helps cement the digital divide, consolidate the fragmented environment, and build moats and castles for both manned and unmanned building blocks. 

How KeLive helps curb property management challenges?

Amidst the continuously changing world landscape, technologies are maturing at an unprecedented speed. Being just digital is perhaps not enough for block management companies or property managers. They instead need to follow intelligent practices and deploy advanced platforms such as KeLive to perpetually evolve and innovate their resident management services and achieve the utmost efficiency while managing properties, residents, and even tenants.

Before unfolding the capabilities of KeLive, let us briefly revisit some of the common challenges faced by property managers. 

  • Lack of seamless digital collaboration and streamlined processes keeps them from identifying and untangling operational complexities.
  • Fragmented work and data environment increases operational costs and creates bottlenecks in seamless property inspection and auditing.
  • A deluge of people-intensive tasks and conventional management methods stops them from focusing on core business strategies.
  • Inability to reduce turnaround times can result in broken resident experiences and lead to adverse outcomes while attracting and retaining tenants. 

There is a volley of such other challenges when it comes to managing a building or a property. And property management solutions such as KeLive, possibly, is a viable solution to all such challenges. Perhaps, this is why the growth of the global property management software market is mounting. According to a report by Technavio, the market will grow at a CAGR of 5% during 2020 to 2024. Let us see what makes KeLive apt to deal with the different property management challenges.

  • Offers Seamless Communication, Services Delivery, and Transaction

The KeLive platform delivers a unified platform, offering a centralised view that instantly identifies and eliminates process bottlenecks. The platform consolidates data and helps users make the right decisions at the right time.  

  • Helps Build Remote Working Capabilities 

It offers a single user-interface that allows users to manage and perform diverse tasks anytime, anywhere, and through multiple compatible smart devices, offering omnichannel user experiences.   

  • Enables Technology Integration and Workflow Automation 

KeLive supports API-integration and automates the building management workflow to accelerate performance. Besides, it allows you to leverage cloud-based property management solutions to integrate data, increase the response time, and avoid delays while addressing complaints and grievances.

  • Supports App-Oriented Building Management 

With KeLive, users can harness customisable app-based solutions, i.e., cloud apps, native iOS, and Android. It’s a multi-user architecture based solution consisting of a residents app, building admin app, and vendor app that are completely customisable and helps create a connected platform and supports improved networking, providing enhanced building living experiences.

What makes KeLive an intelligent building management system? 

KeLive enables capabilities that go beyond the basics of digital and workflow automation. At a time when innovation and customer experience has turned out to be common parlance, KeLive ensures resident management companies, property managers, and real estate developers successfully attain these parameters. It allows them to forge technology-intensive building management systems that can well be customised to suit their specific business needs.

The following are some of the vital KeLive features that help you reach the desired level of intelligence concerning building management and delivering maximum occupancy comfort to the digital-age residents.

Smart Package Tracking 

Package tracking and delivery seem to be testing the nerves of property managers. As the market gets mobile-heavy, online shopping gains momentum. Besides, crises such as COVID-19 have highlighted the need for contactless deliveries. Whatever the case may be, KeLive makes sure to deliver a seamless experience for stakeholders, including property managers, resident management companies, residents, and last-mile delivery personnel. It allows the parcels to be collected and delivered in a connected ecosystem, where it is properly scanned, managed, and delivered. It streamlines the process to avoid the loss of packages and increase the turnaround time by 80%. KeLive’s mobile app for residents ensures residents get delivery notifications instantly once the concierge services scan the item on arrival. For unmanned buildings, users can even customise the KeLive platform to automate this process by integrating with IR scanners.

Resident App With Tenancy Management 

The resident app, offering tenancy management, is another essential feature of KeLive that enables a full tenant management service, making it an efficient and virtually cost-free activity for the landlords/owners. It allows residents to leverage a consolidated platform to make payments to the building administration, receive broadcast messages, register complaints, and create a network of peers right through the app. Other than this, the app further allows residents to access other relevant details concerning documents, agreements, rents, renewals, and more. 

Parking Management 

Parking is directly proportional to residents' experiences. Sometimes, it can create real havoc among the residents or tenants if they cannot optimise their parking spaces at will. Surpassing the conventional approaches to parking management, KeLive makes managing parking spaces intelligent. It allows both building administration and residents to remotely control, manage, and optimise their parking spaces by customising KeLive's IoT-based monitoring system. Besides, KeLive also makes a robust visitor parking management software, ensuring residents can save their guests from parking hassles.        

Effortless Operations and Maintenance

The demand for convenience sometimes invites complexities. KeLive helps create a hyper-connected building that simplifies tasks and functionalities concerning operations and maintenance across endpoints. Users can lean on KeLive to manage end-to-end processes and connect every aspect of building management — i.e., inventory, maintenance, residents, documents, staff, complaints — through one single platform. Designed to harness analytics and churn insights from data, KeLive ensures every single decision is data-driven. It allows users to build technology wheels that would help accelerate end-to-end building management tasks.



Benefits of KeLive — an Intelligent Manned and Unmanned Block Management Software 

KeLive is a smart building management system that helps users shift from people-intensive building management to algorithm-driven management. Right from modernising the existing IT system to integrating with third parties, KeLive consists of flexible architecture. Users can customise it to suit their specific business requirements. 

The following are some of the benefits that KeLive brings to the table.

  • Optimised workforce
  • Increased productivity
  • Proper visualisation
  • Real-time data access
  • Omnichannel experiences
  • Improved safety and security
  • Reduced operational expenditure
  • Superior monitoring and control
  • Remote capabilities
  • Centralised dashboard


Redefine Convenience, Connectivity, and Security with KeLive

Intelligent building management solutions are gaining traction amidst the real estate agencies and building management companies worldwide, including South America, APAC, the Middle East, Africa, and North America. But in Germany and the United Kingdom, solutions delivering property management app, block management software via a unified platform will be the main focus among builders and other business stakeholders. According to another report by Technavio, the European region will account for over 34% of the global integrated building management system market's total growth during 2021-2024.      

In the age where server-less architectures and APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) has come to the fore, platforms like KeLive are critical to unlocking increased efficiency, productivity, and innovation. Besides leveraging emerging technology forces such as cloud, IoT (Internet of Things), and AI (Artificial Intelligence), KeLive deploys an intelligent building management architecture underpinned by hyper-automation, analytics, and APIs, which helps in securing complete competitive advantages for users. With solutions such as KeLive, it is time for resident management companies and real estate agencies to say goodbye to tedious, conventional, and time-consuming building management approaches that are paper- and manual-based.

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