Custom Application Development Helps a Trust Account Provider Maximise Efficiency

Goal: Create a
value chain for

Trust accounts are key to reinstating travellers’ confidence and financial protection amidst increasing crime of opportunity, especially during crises such as COVID-19. But to increase adoption among members — including flight only companies, agents, and tour operators — the providers must interweave the agility web. So when our client expressed their idea of accelerating digital enablement and building a self-intuitive, consolidated platform for service subscribers, we helped them practice full-fledged scalability and innovation.   

Key Challenges

1. Insufficient digital enablement created bottlenecks for the client while engaging with prospective service subscribers and members. Existing platforms were not technology-rich and did not support new functionalities and, therefore, blurred the innovation possibilities.

2. Operational demos were manually given, and the client was too dependent on the manualand paper-based processes. Lack of multi-device support and automation resulted in making end-to-end member journey jolty.

3. Inability to control accounts created fuzz and deterred members from maximising business opportunities with satisfaction. Conventional operational methodologies stopped the client from practicing transparency and winning loyalty. 

Our client is one of the largest trust account services providers in the UK. The client is proactively involved in advising and providing bespoke solutions — to travel businesses looking to sell in the UK, irrespective of size and location — required to safeguard transactions and secure the clients’ earnest monies. 

Our Solutions 

We re-engineered the existing legacy suite and modernised the infrastructure to help the client practice full-scale agility and scalability through an innovative cloud-based platform. The revamped business platform supports new functionalities and consists of a dedicated dashboard supporting remote and centralised administration of accounts. We successfully migrated the entire database to the recreated platform and opened the integration gateways, enabling the client to pursue continuous innovation and catch up with the changing demands.  

We completed the makeover of the digital interface, helping the client proactively connect and engage with prospective and existing members. The modernised platform is self-intuitive and mobile responsive, consisting of an easy-to-use interface and allows visitors and users to explore through products, services, and benefits seamlessly. We helped build a technology-intensive transparent model that allows instant access to meticulous records and gives stakeholders better control and visibility.  

Our collaboration helped the client reinvent processes and improve the member accounts' potential, leading to value-driven relationships. We repurposed the stages to enable the psychographic assessment of members and created a connected ecosystem to develop mutually beneficial partnerships. We helped create explicitly interwoven digital practices that helped gain long-term value for accounts and conform to the European Union Package Travel Regulation protocols. 


  • Enhanced member engagement and relationship
  • Improved transparency, scalability, and agility
  • User-friendly interface and intuitive user-experiences 
  • Better account accessibility and control 
  • Efficient monitoring and tracking
  • Increase in members and subscription
  • Superior, personalised, and omnichannel experiences 
  • Build a culture of compliance