How a French Airline Takes User Experience to New Heights

400,000+ Passengers

$319MN in Sales Revenue

Goal: Improved Traveller Experience

Today’s airlines are under constant pressure to deliver engaging travel experiences that will wow their customers. And, when the customer base is over 400,000, the stakes are even higher! So, when our client wanted to revamp their digital landscape to meet their customers’ travel needs and raise their Customer Experience bar.  They called Kellton Tech because they recognised the need to focus on innovation when creating a digital and mobility strategy to help them achieve their Customer Experience and maintain their competitive leadership edge.


Challenges: Inconsistent brand positioning, old website lacking in modern functionality; a disjointed user experience; obsolete and cumbersome CMS.

Solutions: Built a robust website; delivered a responsive mobile-site for engaging customers on-the-go; deployment of a world-class CMS for effective content management; consolidation of the look and feel of all channels, enabling the delivery of brand consistency.

Benefits: Enhanced traveller experience; enablement of mobile revenue generation; creation of a platform to drive powerful brand identity from.

Key Challenges

Air travellers have ever increasing expectations from their carrier, particularly in relation to their travel schedules.  Seamless journeys tailored to their behaviours and preferences are now the norm. In addition, airlines strive to deliver high quality and speedy services at a low cost to meet their traveller’s expectations.

Our client, however, was facing challenges in delivering a customer experience. They lacked a fully featured website and mobile site, inhibiting their ability to meet their traveller’s demands.

Their existing Content Management System (CMS) presented as a problem area.  A non-friendly user interface made navigation difficult resulting in numerous usability challenges, frustrated travellers and was driving a downward curve in many customer engagement metrics.

The airlines destination websites ran on different design themes, giving them an inconsistent look and feel. Eroded brand identity in the market and negatively impacted the reputation of the business as a whole.

Our Client

A leading French passenger airline, operating long-haul flights around the world including destinations such as: the US, Japan, China, Australia and New Zealand. Founded in 1996, the airline is a trendsetter in the hospitality industry and has an expanded footprint that includes 39 top destinations, including Sydney, Beijing, and New York.

Our Solutions

Kellton Tech was selected as the Digital Transformation Partner of Choice based on our extensive and diverse industry and technical expertise.

Our first step was to develop a clear understanding of what the airline currently had, from a systems and application point of view; to develop the As-Is state.  Once the As-Is state was clearly identified we compared where the airline wanted to get to, the To-Be state, to the As-Is state and identified the gaps that existed in realising the new state.

A strategic roadmap was then developed to map a course to where we needed to get to. As a part of this strategy, we created:

  • A dynamic website that featured a whole new design, including improved navigation controls, advanced functionalities, and rich content.
  • The content consisted of editorials, photos, and videos of the airline and its destinations.
  • The new platform support existing in-flight entertainment (IFE) services as well as provided a strong technological foundation to introduce new services, including special airfare management, excess baggage support, flight schedule management, voucher management, and a mile’s calculator among other functionality.
  • A responsive mobile site was implemented to help the company expand its market reach and capture new customers.
  • Our team developed a centralized CMS to manage in-flight information and allow rapid data access at scale. This was effective in enabling visibility into critical insights, improving decision-making, and creating tailored services that best met customers’ changing needs. Further, the new CMS featured high-quality, standardized frontend design templates, which reinforced brand identity and gave our client a consistent voice across every channel.

Business Benefits

  • Improved traveller experience
  • Increased sales and ROI
  • Greater brand identity and traveller trust
  • Reduced costs