Building Core Systems to Drive Growth for a Real Estate Company

Statistics: 67 Offices 

£135 million+ Revenue

Goal: Legacy Core Modernisation

A cutting-edge core business overhaul and upgrade is intimidating. But when the core operational systems are more than 95% reliant on a single mission-critical system a clear vision and development pedigree is demanded. Our client was at just such a junction in their evolution. So, when they decided to replace their core legacy system with a new, high-performance bespoke system and supporting transformation they selected Kellton Tech.


Challenge: Traditional legacy core system; limited third-party integrations; data buried in dispersed legacy systems.

Solutions: Deployed a powerful, highly scalable bespoke system based on Microsoft .NET 2 Core technology; implemented API connectivity to allow integrations; leveraged data to provide deep business insights by enabling the visualisation of this data.

Benefits: Drove efficiency at scale; expanded the business ecosystem; improved business planning.

Key Challenges

It’s difficult to respond to digital disruption when enterprises hold on to their legacy infrastructure. Core modernisation, therefore, can provide a plausible solution. Though our client understood both the changing needs of their market and the technology needed to realise a competitive advantage, bringing their core architecture up to speed would be difficult. The majority of the company was run from and built around a core system, disrupting it would bring 95% of all mission-critical operations to a standstill.

The core architecture—unique to our client— had reached its end-of-life and lacked the scalability required to support evolving growth initiatives. Being a closed system, it did not support third-party integration, further hindering the company’s expansion plans.

Our client’s business data was held within multiple distributed legacy systems. As a result, business planning activities were reduced to nothing more than guesswork. Technology debt was starting to hurt the business potential and was starting to impact the company’s competitiveness.

Our Client

Founded in 1981, our client is a leading real estate agency based in the United Kingdom with an impressive service portfolio in Property Sales and Lettings. With over 67 offices across London, the company is the first real estate agency to embrace digital transformation as a competitive advantage.

Our Solutions

We began the project with a three-month discovery workshop to understand the intricacies of our client’s existing legacy system and its integration with several departments, including Finance & Invoicing, Compliance & Audit, Rent & Lease, Buying, Selling, Property Management, Contract Management, Backend Contact Centre, and Facilities Management among others. Once the functionalities and related integrations with departments were clear, we laid the technological foundation on the latest Microsoft .NET technology .NET core 2 to build a unified, platform that would support end-to-end business requirements. We developed the platform, integrated it with third-party systems, and guided and supported our client through the go-live phase.

The newly developed and deployed digital core enabled process automation and acceleration while dramatically cutting costs, time-to-market, and regulatory compliance risks.  Integrating third-party vendors and partners within the new unified ecosystem was a critical objective in supporting business growth. Implementing API-led connectivity standardised on-demand access to all relevant data enabling seamless external integration with our client.

Our team planned and executed against a strategic roadmap and completed the data migration process within a challenging timeline. The data visualisation of this data is being used to generate insights that help our client make informed, value-driven business decisions. This data is driving improved operational efficiencies and improving the customer experience.

Business Benefits

  • Designed and delivered the largest system overhaul based on the .NET Core 2 technology stack in the UK.
  • Achieved operational excellence through end-to-end process remediation
  • Enabled seamless exchange of information for the first time
  • Delivered dynamic access control to third-party and partner networks
  • Improved agility and efficiency with intelligent automation and smart delivery capabilities
  • Reduced operational costs