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The global FinTech landscape is fast being reshaped by disruptive technologies. Financial services providers have realised the significance of digitisation to meet regulatory compliances, improve profits and transform their customer experiences.
Kellton Tech provides next-gen financial services software to financial institutions and intermediaries to foster digital banking; handle payments and transactions securely and maximise ROI.
Among the leading financial software development companies operating in the financial software development space, our clientele include some of the biggest financial services providers operating in the European region.

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Insurance services encompass everything from your car to your life. Digital products play a vital role in the operations of every business in the contemporary world and insurance companies are no exception.

Modern-day digital products and tools help insurance companies reach out to their customers far and wide and offer a multitude of services to different clients simultaneously. Kellton Tech helps insurance providers to increase their outreach and extent of business through advanced mobile and web applications, customised software solutions and bespoke digital products.

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Real Estate is no longer presumed to be a conventional marketplace. It is inflicted by a heavy influx of online applications and tools that help a buyer browse, select, buy or sell a property within no time.

To keep up with this rapidly transforming real estate landscape, real estate agents and brokers need to find new and advanced ways to keep up with the industry practices. Kellton Tech introduces customised real estate solutions for real estate agents, brokers, and businesses that mull over increasing their KPIs and improved sales strategy.

KeLive is one such platform solution for the Building and Property Management services. The platform is designed to minimise operational challenges and maximise productivity.

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Our Technologies

At Kellton, We put our client's interests at the centre of everything we do and that includes adopting a true technology agnostic approach. What makes this possible is the multiple technology CoE (Centers of Excellence) and constant evaluation and incubation of modern technology stacks. While we do offer multiple options, we do not work in every technology.

Front End

  • react
  • ang
  • vue


  • python
  • dotnet
  • php
  • java


  • Webmethods
    webMethods (SoftwareAG)


  • ios
  • android
  • react-native
    React Native
  • hybrid

Cloud & DevOps

  • aws
  • microsoft


  • IoT
  • ai-ml
    AI & ML
  • blockchain
  • RPA
  • ARVR
    AR & VR
Katie Nykanen
Chief Technology Officer

Adstream has been working with Kellton Tech for about two years and during this time, they have lived up to our varying expectations without fail. We have collaborated to create a robust and fully integrated onboarding programme to ensure all our resources across various business constituents understand Adstream and work harmoniously towards common business goals. Kellton Tech’s management team has been professional and experienced to align our vision with a sound strategy and deliver a programme that’s effective towards improving the turnaround time, throughput capacity and overall cost reduction. In the current business landscape – massively disrupted by COVID – it’s our cordial relationship that has been an underlying secret to our success and allowed us to work virtually as one agile, flexible team.

Kevin Reynolds
Director of Product Management

I can be very specific about what I want, but it's worth noting that the Kellton Tech team makes a lot of good decisions on their own. I appreciate the fast turnaround. Keep it up.

Philip Mayling
Director VenuIQ & Buddy CRM

Great thing about working with Kellton Tech is, as a technical partner they operate at all different levels. At the granular levels, going through the most minute piece of functionality, our project managers, development team & UI designers provide the feedback with their real-world business experience. They really seek to get inside our customers heads and not just deliver what we write on a whiteboard. It really is a collaborative partnership and they really add value at every stage. At the more architectural stage, looking at how we build our products, they add even more value. Making sure we are using the most appropriate Tech and aligning our internal teams to work on the same framework.

Vipin Gupta
Head of Digital

Getting our consumers closer to their favourite bucket of chicken is a priority for us at KFC. And we are delighted to have partnered with Kellton Tech in doing just that. Team Kellton Tech made a significant contribution in the development and management of our online ordering assets in the past. Their scalable and agile solutions have given us a competitive edge in the QSR space while enriching customer experience. We look forward to an enduring association with them to achieve significant business impact.

Dan Rafferty
Chief Information Officer

Kellton tech is helping us in making our core business system future-proof. Bringing to bear their experience and their knowledge of MVC technology, the latest design patterns, written systems, etc. they are lending their experience of previous projects to help us for the next 10 to 15 years.

Nino Tasca
VP - Internet Technology

It has been a pleasure working with Kellton Tech. We utilized their Drupal skills and expertise to migrate a large number of Penton’s web properties to a central Drupal Platform. The execution of the entire project was seamless and as per the timelines. I would like to commend Mahesh and the entire team of Kellton for making this possible. Throughout our two-year-long relationship, I could maintain the same level of trust, confidence and communication with Kellton’s team that I did with my in-house team. I would like to recommend Kellton Tech to all and would definitely look forward to working with them again.

Daniel Landen
Managing Director, PTS

We've experienced two main benefits from working with Kellton Tech Solutions: the consistency of their staff, and the excellent project management team. For Kellton Tech Solutions, deadlines aren't just a date — they have real meaning, and the team strives to meet them. That element sets them apart from other providers. Clients should go and seek out Kellton Tech Solutions.

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